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My name is Nez and I play music. All kinds of music. On all kinds of instruments.

I grew up in rural Wisconsin, on the outskirts of a town called Sturgeon Bay. At the age of two I sat down at my uncle’s drum set and was able to keep a simple but steady rhythm with my feet, and I’ve been hooked on music ever since. I started taking piano lessons at age 7 and by 11 had made the switch to percussion and joined the school band. That same year I bought an electric guitar off my cousin and started teaching myself to play. By age 13 I played drums at my first ‘gig’ at my school talent show, and at 15 joined my first garage rock band. Age 17 saw me play guitar on stage for the first time.

I learned to play jazz and blues from an early age but also played as much rock and funk music as I could get my hands on. After high school I attended the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh for a few years where I got the opportunity to really hone my classical percussion chops, but drum set was always what I wanted to pursue. So after two years I left my home state to attend the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. There I studied with a variety of instructors including Rick Considine, Kim Plainfield, Mark Walker, and Mike Mangini. I played in a variety of bands in my time in Boston, covering folk/folk-rock, indie rock, jazz, blues, funk, soul, afro-cuban, reggae, New Orleans second line, and classic rock.

At the age of 26 I decided to put Boston in my rear view mirror and move to New York to make it as a musician.  Since moving to Brooklyn I’ve honed my guitar and singing skills, picked up harmonica and mandolin, started writing my own songs, and continued to play drums with as many projects as my schedule will allow.

My current projects are, in no particular order:

The Morning Sea   Escaper

Past projects or current projects that I affiliate with on a freelance basis are…

Meghann Wright, Black Bear Tribe, Ray Rubio, The Jacks of Kings County, The Green Gallows, The Flowdown, Lumos, Mike O’Malley, Robin Irene Moss, Alex Britten, Minnie Dee, Max Low, Todd Baker, Juno Grey, Sonny Ratcliff, Claron Hayden, Paul Ryan, Blake Adam Smith, Patrik Gochez, WhiteShoeBrownShoe, One Fine Morning, Bill Champitto, Joey Vellucci, Rocky Jones, Bell Bottom, Matimba Ya Ripfumelo, The Max Klau Band, The New Audrey, Becky and the Guys Jazz Quartet, John Statz, Jeremiah Nelson, and others.


   —   Skeleton KeyEscaper – LP – May 2017 – Ropeadope Records

blackbeartribe_albumcover_front   —   American VagabondBlack Bear Tribe – LP – August 2016

lumos   —   Only Wonder – Lumos – EP – June 2016

a1064397676_10   —   Mal De Mer The Morning Sea – EP – February 2016

desert-behind-rim   —   Leave Your Desert BehindRobin Irene Moss – LP – November 2015

0005050433_10   —   Nothin’ Left To LoseMeghann Wright – LP – June 2015 – Blacktop Records

stange-captive-tms   —   Strange CaptiveThe Morning Sea – EP – May 2014

heavy-loader   —   Heavy LoaderPatrik Gochez – LP – August 2012

action-wsbs   —   Action!WhiteShoeBrownShoe – LP – August 2010

rise-and-fall   —   Rise & FallOne Fine Morning – LP – August 2009

bounce-bc   —   Bounce – Bill Champitto – LP – June 2009

yer-birthday   —   Yer BirthdayWhiteShoeBrownShoe – June 2008

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I like to stay busy, so if you’ve got me in mind for a project don’t hesitate to give me a shout!

I’m available for live shows, studio dates, and private lessons.

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