September happened, that weird moon thing happened, and now October is upon us and there is much to look forward to!  On Friday I play with the enigmatic Mike O’Malley for the first time in far too long.  The next day it’s a full day tracking drums for the upcoming Black Bear Tribe album.  And in the middle of the month there is CMJ craziness!  Showcases with Black Bear Tribe, Meghann Wright, and The Morning Sea; on Oct. 14, 15, and 17 respectively.  Closing out the month is another show with Meghann Wright on the 28th. at an old favorite venue of all of ours: Pianos.

In addition, the mixes are still being tweaked for the next Morning Sea record but they’re sounding pretty freaking amazing. Can’t wait to be able to release it!


September has been a crazy month so far!  Full of shows and recording sessions.  I’ve been tracking percussion parts for Robin Irene Moss’s upcoming solo album, I’ve had a string of freelance shows (including a day last weekend with three shows in a day), and this Saturday I play my biggest venue in NYC to date:  Irving Plaza!

Meghann Wright released her solo record “Nothin’ Left to Lose” on June 30 this year, check out a couple tunes posted just above.  Complete with links to check out the album on iTunes.

Lots of new music coming down the pipeline.  Stay tuned for updates.


Danbury and Philadelphia proved to be fun but bittersweet shows. The tour is over and we’re all heading back home. We’ve all learned a lot about functioning as a band on the road and wouldn’t trade our experiences for anything. There were ups and there were downs but the whole run was a great opportunity and we made the most of it at every show.

Big shout out to Chris, Chase, Hank, Nate, and McMahan of LIONIZE for sticking it out with us the whole tour and being amazingly helpful and supportive. These guys are dyed in the wool road dogs and it was a privilege touring alongside them.


Last night in Providence RI we played the outdoor stage at Simon’s 677. Which would have been ideal if it wasn’t 40 degrees outside. Due to sound problems plaguing us during soundcheck we decided to unplug and play a rare and intimate acoustic set. People really got into it too! It ended up being a lot of fun.

Today we swung by Branford CT to visit my man Ruik for group tattoos. Sean, Meghann and I all got “Good Times with Bad People” tattoos and now we’re en route to Danbury CT. Hard to believe there’s only two more dates before this run is over.


Sorry about the lapse in updates…tour is just proving to be too much fun to break away and chronicle our experiences! A lot’s happened…I’ll try to summarize.

Kansas City, MO: tons of craft beer everywhere. Drank as much as we could….which is quite a bit.

Lawrence, KS: day off. Day drinking with The Delta Saints. We figure we each drank over a gallon of beer.

Wichita, KS: dance party! Stripper pole on the dance floor! Seriously.

Tulsa, OK: got pulled over twice, learned a Kings of Leon cover, had fun watching our opening band, the David Castro Band, get completely wasted after their set.

Austin, TX: played a sort of strange venue to very few people. We all fanned out and crashed at different places. Took a while to get ourselves together in the morning to get to Dallas.

Dallas, TX: played an AWESOME outdoor venue and got free BBQ! Took a trip to Ft. Worth after our set to see the Defibulators. Got pulled over two more times.

Memphis, TN: had fun in the afternoon on Beale St, walking down the street with drink in hand.

Covington, KY: last day with The Delta Saints. From here on out it’s just us and Lionize

Baltimore, MD: played a blistering set alongside Lionize, made a few new friends, feels pretty good to be back in the Northeast. Except for tolls.


Louisville was an amazing experience!  The gig at Zanzabar went fairly well, and we found out the Whiskey Shivers were playing right down the street from us, so we had to check them out. Got a chance to talk with and drink with the band members for a little bit. Solid dudes.

We all crashed at our local friend Seth’s house and proceeded to pretty much drunk and jam on bluegrass tunes all day on the 13th. We slow-smoked a pork shoulder for 10 hours and it proved to be the greatest drunk food I’ve ever had.

Last night was St. Louis where we played a great show and then proceeded to get blind drunk. We’re all moving a little slow this morning on our way to Kansas City.


Grand Rapids MI was our next stop and as luck would have it our venue was only a block away from the Founder’s Brewery! Obviously we had to check it out. If you ever get the chance GO THERE!!! The food and the vibe is awesome. And also all of the beer.

After playing The Stache in Grand Rapids we set out for Akron Ohio to play A club called Musica. It was a hip little music club and all the music popped in there. The Delta Saints and Lionize both played blistering sets…and we weren’t too bad either. Our set gets tighter every night. We’re already light years beyond our first show and it’s only day 5.

Tonight is Zanzibar in Louisville KY and then a day off! Lord knows what we’ll get into.


We woke up CRAZY early yesterday morning to do a TV spot for WISH TV in Indianapolis. After finding a nice sit-down diner we went back to Sean’s family’s place to relax most of the afternoon. We played catch with Sean’s little nephew and enjoyed some craft beer in the sun. In the evening we rocked the Emerson Theater: craziest light show we’ve ever had. Also the room was big and boomy and everything sounded HUGE!! We retired back to the house to enjoy some whiskey and spontaneous jam sessions around a campfire; it actually felt like a vacation.